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Join us in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

The American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) invites you to the 10th Annual APHSA Leadership Retreat, Friday, October 25 in Cambridge, MA. This retreat is designed specifically for executives at the state and local level and provides you with the opportunity to network with this select group of highly innovative, outcome-driven health and human services leaders from across the country. 


We will continue our impactful conversations with leaders in this network who are engaged in our joint mission to achieve the desired future state for a more modern, transformative health and human services system.


Download the Agenda

2019 APHSA Leadership Retreat Topics:

  • APHSA Strategic Playbook: Reflecting on the past to build resilient communities for the future. 

  • Ideation Session 1: Modeling Generative Leadership

  • ACF Federal Panel: Advancing Enabling Conditions in States & Localities

  • Enabling Economic Mobility: A Closer Look at What’s Possible Now

  • Ideation Session 2: Spanning Traditional Sector Boundaries

  • Envisioning Thriving Communities in 2030: Global Lessons and Possibilities


Retreat Objectives:

  • SHOW insights gained and overall field impact over the past 10 years

  • Help leaders understand what they must do/understand to help create paradigm shifts

  • Learn from global leaders about innovations in Europe and explore how we might learn and test together


The APHSA Leadership Summit takes place prior to the start of the 2019 Harvard Health and Human Services Summit. There is no charge to attend; however, attendees are responsible for their own hotel and travel.



To register for the Harvard 2019 Health and Human Services Summit – Purpose, Passion, and Impact for the Future,please 

click here. You will register directly with Harvard, not APHSA. 

For assistance please contact:

Logistics on attending or registration:


Donna Jarvis-Miller,

Director, Membership and Events


Marie Comito,

Membership and Events Coordinator

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